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I started using a video camera at the Redhare Gallery to catch some of the magic that went on there every weekend. Due to a terrible lesson learned in backing up, several months and dozens of performances were lost. But after that, I became almost as compulsive about carrying a video camera as I already was carrying my still camera. I now shoot with a Sony Handycam HD, which is very good in low light and has fantastic sound. I also invested in a super-powerful MacPro and do post production using Final Cut Pro.

My first real corporate job came early in 2011, when I was commissioned to do a short film to capture the three main elements that make up Artichoke Music in Portland - the store, the school and the amazing venue. I finished it in the summer and it was launched on the homepage of their new Web site at

Since then, I have been hired several times to shoot video of singer/songwriter performances, mainly at Artichoke. If you would like me to video your performance, call me at 503,616.6472 or Email me to set it up. And if you have a need for a more involved production, like the one I did for Artichoke, I am available to discuss your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Performance Video Shoots: $250.00 / first hour ($100.00 each hour after)*.
  • Post-Production: $100.00/hr.
  • Simple YouTube Edit: $50.00 per song (includes upload)

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Artichoke Music Promo Film 7:31 2011

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