I love to play music.

I have been doing it most of my life. I started out a singer/songwriter, and started performing professionally at age 15. And although I still write and occassionally perform in front of live audiences, my real love and passion is for supporting others as a sideman. I enjoy being able to bring my heart and chops to hopefully enhance other artists' original performances. I have played Frankenstein with Edgar Winter, Hanging by a Moment with Lifehouse and Hey Jack Kerouak with original members of 10,000 Maniacs, not to mention a host of other great artists, known and unknown, through the years.

I am primarily a power pop and rock player, but have enough groove to play funk and gospel. Although I love it greatly, I have little experience with straight ahead jazz or classical, but can perform at a world-class level on almost any other style of music.

My main instrument is the Hammond B3. It is, in my opinion, the greatest instrument ever created! I come alive behind the mighty B like at no other time. I no longer own one - my last C3 was given up once I was able to live with a suitable, more portable instrument. I now play a Nord Stage and Korg CX3 through a Motion Sound amp and it does the trick for most small settings. On bigger shows, when nothing but the real thing will suffice, I rent. Additionally, I play piano and can cover a wide array of synth leads and textures. I also sing very well. I have good pitch and feel and am well suited for a large range of background vocals. In a pinch, I play a solid rhythm guitar and in extreme emergencies, can cover on the drums. Tuba? Don't push it.

I have a unique stage presence. Many have likened me to the Muppet, Animal, for the way I flail when moved. At the end of any great rock performance, I judge the level of intensity, not by the audience's response, but by whether I have whiplash and bloody cuticles!

I not only have extensive stage experience, but have spent hundreds of hours in the studio. I have worked in great studios like ABC, Village Recorder, and Capitol, with music legends like Jay Graydon, Ron Aniello and Kin Vasey.

I am extremely reliable, always early for load-in, usually happy to help with the P.A. or the drums, and have been clean and sober for nearly five years. I have put in my ten-thousand hours of practice, and then some. I want to play. Hire me.

Local Gigs: I am available, with resonable notice, for gigs within 100 miles of Astoria, Oregon, including Portland and Vancouver, Washington.

Touring Gigs: I am seeking a national touring act, mainly focused on North America, but will gladly consider any international touring opportunities.

Recording: I am available for recording at any level. I am willing to travel if the need and the budget are there. I am able to do much recording from my own studio on The Mad Hatter. I work in Studio Logic Pro and can receive and send large audio files via ftp or email.

My rates are available on request. Please feel free to Email me with that or any other questions you might have.

Live Rig:

  • Nord Stage 76
  • Korg CX3
  • Roland JV80
  • Motion Sound Amplifier
  • SM58, DIs, and Cables

Studio Gear:

  • Mac Pro, 8-core, 16g ram, 12t high-speed storage (2010)
  • Macbook Pro, dual-core, 8g ram (2010)
  • M-Audio Fast Track Ultra Interface
  • Lexicon Effects
  • Studio Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro

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