Redhare@Artichoke 2012

I promote live original independent music. I do so out of a passion to see my fellow artists find an audience and make enough of a living to keep doing the courageous work they do. Courageous? Yes. We live in a time where the measure of an artist has been lost in the din of reality TV contests and opulent giga-celebrity. But there is an army of artists, young and old, who are realizing that the "Big Time" is a small and actually, relatively insignificant part of why we do what we do. People can be touched, encouraged, moved and even healed by someone's song. We do this for that purpose - because it was given to us to do. And although a lot us us were raised to think there is but one measure of success - fame - we've come to wake to the notion that we are doing terribly important work. We are filling the air with the sound of music - real music. Music that is not created with the sole purpose of being sold to the masses. I love graphic art and advertising. But it would be a terrible world if that were the only source of visual art.

There is an argument to be had for whether or not music is free. After all, it was a gift to the barer in the first place. But let's be fair and realistic here. The people who bring you music need to eat and pay rent. And if we do not see to it that they can survive, then they will simply stop doing it. And we will be left with the songs of birds and whatever the record companies market to us. So THAT is why I promote local independent music. I am not looking to be a mogul. I was not put on this planet to be the next Jim Rissmiller or Bill Graham. I just want to find ways to get people out to shows, to expose themselves to more incredible local stuff, and to support live music.

And Redhare has been doing just that for several years now. After the close of the the Redhare Gallery, with its well over 100 shows, Redhare has continued putting on shows around Portland, like Gypsy Soul and Larry Murante at The Alberta Rose Theatre and most recently, Simon Lynge at Artichoke Music. Right now, all of Redhare's promo focus is on the Redhare@Artichoke concert series beginning in 2012. But stay tuned. I'll be doing all I can to keep the music coming! And PLEASE - go out and support local music!


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