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In 2008, I held a show at the Redhare Gallery called "Artichoke on the Coast". It was a 'songwriters in the round' format that brought several performers out to Astoria from Portland for a great evening of music. That was to be the beginning of a great relationship between the venerable Artichoke Music and Redhare. We had another "Artichoke on the Coast" in 2009, joined forces witha showcase room at the 2009 FAR-West conference in Irvine, California, and traded many bookings before the Redhare finally closed its doors. Since then, I have continued to work closely with Richard Colombo and Jim Morris, the owners of Artichoke, to help promote live original independent music. In 2011, I launched the new web site and Facebook and Twitter pages. I have photographed dozens of shows there, as well as sitting in as keyboardist on many performances.

So it was with great pleasure that Richard and Jim asked me to put a concert series together. The goal of this series is to expose the Artichoke community to artists they might not otherwise experience. I am booking performing songwriters, mainly from outside the Portland area, who are either already touring in the Nortwest or just want to bring their music to a Portland audience. And since I have only a limited amount of shows per year, I am bringing out what I consider to be some of the best performers I know!

Redhare@Artichoke kicks off on Saturday, February 25, 2012 with the incredible Bob Malone. Bob is not only John Fogerty's keyboard man, but a great songwriter and one of the most entertaining performers I have ever seen! And that's just the beginning. The whole series will bring world-class performances from the best of the best to Portland one Saturday every month!

Here is the schedule (so far) for Redhare@Artichoke. Season tickets are available at a discount, and tickets can be purchase now at Artichoke Music in Portland.

  • Bob Malone February 25
  • Deanna Pino March 24
  • James Hurley April 28
  • Ehren Ebbage & John Stipe May 26
  • Jill Cohn June 23
  • Paul Zollo July 28
  • Ainjel Emme September 22
  • Larry Murante October 27

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