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Redhare began as a production company in the early 90s. It was the moniker by which I created hundreds of synthesizer sequences for a top 40 duo I had been working with. In 1994, I was hired by a company that made sounds for synthesizers. When I started with them, they were in transition from music software for specific keyboards to a new medium - entertainment software. Although I had become proficient on my Atari 1040STe using Cubase, I was not really qualified or even that interested in software, but I needed the job and liked the people I was working with. After completely phasing out the music side of things, I moved into a marketing role. This was the beginning of my love for branding. It was the very beginning of the World Wide Web (as far as the general public, that is) and I set out to learn how to build Web sites. With the mentoring of a genius artist and computer guru, I developed my skills while at the same time learning about what it takes to sell a brand to a worldwide market. Sound Source Interactive was, at that time, the offically licensed maker of Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001, and many other film franchise entertainment software.

By late 1995, I had my first client and was off and running as a Web designer. I got a business license and DBA'd as Red Hare Graphics. Shortly after leaving Sound Source, and a subsequent period of travelling, I went to work at Disney Online. I started as an integrator on the most popular entertainment Web site on the Internet. And the 'Net was exploding at that time into a real social force. I was right in the middle of the birth of a whole new world. After a very short time as a code guy, I was promoted to Producer and oversaw the team that developed some global elements, Home page, Search pages and the Apple QuickTime Movie Channel for Disney. It was a great experience working with such amazingly talented people, and took that knowlege and continued to grow my own Web business.

In 2001, I was hired to create and head up an art department for the upstart online research library called Questia. After developing their pre-launch marketing materials and helping design the user interface, I quickly realized that I was not interested in corporate politics and my heart was in building Web sites for small businesses, fellow musicians and artists. I am, at the center, an artist - not an executive. So I left working for other people in 2002 and have never looked back.

In 2003, I founded Artist Alliance, a Web-based community for musical and visual artists to share and sell their work online. In 2006, I joined forces with world-renown author and music journalist Paul Zollo ("Songwriters On Songwriting", "Conversations With Tom Petty") to create an online music magazine called "Bluerailroad". Along with dozens of other sites, this period was spent playing more live music than ever before.

In 2007, I left L.A. aboard my 32' sailboat, and re-located to Astoria, Oregon. For the next 2 years, Redhare became much more than just a Web design company. The Redhare Astoria was a fine art gallery and world-class music venue. In it's relatively short run, the Redhare presented 200 shows and made an indelible mark on the Pacific Northwest music scene. The Redhare Gallery sadly closed in 2009, but I continue to promote live, original independent music, in addition to offering a wealth of Web design, graphics and consulting services. And I'm just getting started! ...

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