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I love building sites for small and medium size businesses and artists. Since I started, I've seen many fly-by-night operators come and go. Because of the newness of the Internet, many thought building a Web site was as easy as learning a bit of Dreamweaver or, more recently, simply going to template sites like However, many of my clients have come to me having been burned by shady designers or because it simply wan't as easy as it looked! The 2 choices for those getting started on the 'Net, has been to either take their chances for very little money, or pay through the nose to hire a big Web design firm. That's where I believe I've filled a great need. I provide the same first-rate, world-class results as the big guys, but at a very reasonable price.

I am not only the designer and owner of Red Hare / Artist Alliance, but am also a professional musician, having played with numerous famous performers over the past 40 years. I also have extensive marketing experience, so beyond the "look" of your site, I have a good idea how to present it effectively. Most importantly, I am NOT a traditional 'Web Geek' or 'Techie'. I talk to my clients in plain language, and try make the tougher computer talk less tough! You hire me to do my job, not to confuse you with the technical stuff.

Most of my sites over the past 5 years, have been built on the WordPress platform, using X-Theme. Before that, I hand-coded every site, and featured the latest technologies. So I continue to bring that level of customization to every WordPress site I design. Custom sites can be as simple as a one page "business card", to a multi-level ecommerce solution including shopping cart and merchant services.

I work with you at every step of development. If you already have a corporate image and branding, I can integrate your Web site to enhance whatever campaign you are engaged in. But if you are just starting out, I can also help you to design a logo and a look and feel that will best suit your company's image.

There are many considerations that go into the price of a custom Web site, such as number and size of custom graphics, audio and video, custom scripts ... mainly TIME. Please call 503.616.6472 or Email me and I will work up a free quote.

  • Hourly Design Services $70.00/hr. (Non-profits: $50.00/hr.)
  • Small sites of 1 to 2 pages start at around $500.00.
  • Typical custom Web sites range between $1500.00 - $3500.00.
  • Ecommerce solutions begin at $3000.00.
NOTE: Prices do not include domain registration, Web hosting or monthly maintenance.

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The first step toward building your new Web site is choosing and securing a domain name, or, URL. This is your 'dot com'. We will help you to make sure the name you want is available, and help you choose an alternative if it is not. We do not charge any additional consulting or setup fees, other than the actual cost of registration. You can register a domain name from one year up to ten years.

If you want to secure additional domain names, we offer 2 ways to park them. You can choose to simply not associate a domain name with a hosting account, which is done at no additional charge. A second option is our Deluxe Parking which offers a URL redirect and 100 email addresses for only $9.99 per year.

  • 1 year .com Domain Registration = $12.95 (NOTE: Other extensions vary in fee.)
  • 1 year Basic Domain Parking = FREE
  • 1 year Deluxe Domain Parking = $19.95

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After you have secured your domain name, you must now get Web hosting. Web hosting is a service where your Web site is "served" to the public through the Internet. When you open a browser and type in an address, you are actually downloading a series of files from a "Hosting" computer. Your browser then puts these files together to display a particular Web site.

Besides the files that make up the actual site that the public sees, it also provides you with several other services, such as databases, email capabilities and statistics on the use of your site. All of these, plus many other features are at your fingertips anytime with our extensive web-based control panel (Powered by CPanel)

What really sets Red Hare apart from all the others, is that we provide free Webmastering with every hosting plan, whether we design your site or not. This means you don't have to worry about any of the technical issues with the site, the domain, or with your Web site's visitors. Here are a few of the features that are included in Red Hare Hosting packages:

Basic Plan Premier Plan
Web Space 2 GB 25 GB
Bandwidth 20 GB 60 GB
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel yes yes
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited
PHP yes yes
Custom Scripts yes yes
Media Streaming yes yes
Statistics yes yes
Webmastering yes yes

  • Basic Hosting Plan = $9.95/month (1 year minimum)
  • Premier Hosting Plan = $49.95/month (1 year minimum)

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