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I started using a video camera at the Redhare Gallery to catch some of the magic that went on there every weekend. Due to a terrible lesson learned in backing up, several months and dozens of performances were lost. But after that, I became almost as compulsive about carrying a video camera as I already was carrying my still camera. I now shoot with a Sony Handycam HD, which is very good in low light and has fantastic sound. I also invested in a super-powerful MacPro and do post production using Final Cut Pro.

My first real corporate job came early in 2011, when I was commissioned to do a short film to capture the three main elements that make up Artichoke Music in Portland - the store, the school and the amazing venue. I finished it in the summer and it was launched on the homepage of their new Web site at www.artichokemusic.org. Since then I've created animated product demos and a promotional short for Jill Trenholm's Jirina's Journey product line.

In addition to shooting video of singer/songwriter performances and product demos, I also own and operate a drone and multiple GoPro cameras. If you would like me to video your event, or would like more information about aerial photography, call me at 503,616.6472 or Email me to set it up. And if you have a need for a more involved production, like the one I did for Artichoke, I am available to discuss your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Location Video Shoots: $250.00 / first hour ($100.00 each hour after)*.
  • Post-Production/Editing: $100.00/hr.
  • Simple YouTube Edit: $50.00 per song (includes upload)

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Jirina's Journey Promo Video

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