Social media web sites have become the standard by which we communicate with each other on the Internet. We get in touch with old friends and make new ones. We share our interests with others who enthusiastically follow an unlimited variety of topics. Whether it is the latest celebrity gossip, or trends in the market, or political unrest on the other side of the world, we turn to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay current - and more importantly, interact with world events in real-time. And with a huge world audience in place, doesn't it make sense to make YOUR passion available there as well?

I have been involved in social media since its beginning. At the same time MySpace was starting up, I founded a similar site for musicians and artists called "Artist Alliance". MySpace, unfortunately, got there first! And as annoying as it was, with its duck-faced profile pictures and graphics that took a half-hour to load, it indicated a need - a need to connect. When Facebook went beyond its initial 'college student only' use, it sought to fill that need, and has been doing so ever since. And although it may just be a trend, it is now a part of how every major company, artist and politician communicates to their audiences.

The biggest objection I come across with artists and business owners who are considering getting into social media (or not!) is: "I don't have the time to be playing around on Facebook." Well, that can be fixed pretty easily. I can consult with you to find out A) if social media can help your business, B) how much input it would take over a period of time to see results and C) offer a custom-taylored program requiring as little as no action from you. I run the Facebook and Twitter pages for a number of clients, including the Portland folk music institution, Artichoke Music. Since I started with them nearly a year ago, they have been pleasantly surprised to see sales of big-ticket items go up, and a younger audience at their concerts.

  • Consultations start at $70.00.
  • Account Setup (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) $140.00/ea.
  • Monthly service programs begin at $150.00.

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I can also help you set up specialized services such as ReverbNation, YouTube, Soundcloud and Flickr to integrate along with Facebook, Twitter and your own custom Web site to maximize your effectiveness and exposure. I can also help with designing promotional products for you to sell on CafePress, and will help you get your resume online with LinkedIn. Call me at 503.616.6472 or email me to find out how I can get you set up!

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