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One of the most gratifying things I do, is seeing a Redhare logo design make it onto the front of a business. Although I do love creating websites and print materials, like brochures, ads, and rack cards, it's especially great to see my work in 3D, out on the street for everyone to see! So I take great care in the details, to make sure each job is done precisely and with the best materials, so that sign lasts for years. It reflects on Redhare, but more importantly, it reflects on you, my client. First impressions are the most important, so the front of your business should tell people that you care about quality and style, whatever it is you offer at your place of business.

I will consult with you to make sure sure you are completely satisfied with your project at every step - from design, to construction, to installation. I manage the entire process, and bring in the very best contractors to build and install your signage. Most of my work is done by Astoria master sign-maker, Red Dwarf Graphx, and work directly with them to make sure everything comes in on time and on budget.

Redhare can design any size sign you need, from simple vinyl signs to elaborate custom neon. Email me to make an appointment to discuss designing a sign for your business today!

Redhare designs vinyl banners for a variety of purposes. After re-designing the logo and branding for the oldest festival west of the Rockies, the Astoria Regatta, I spent five years creating all of the printed materials needed to make the festival a first-rate week of events each and every year from 2013 to 2018. I designed the float graphics, as well as all of the vinyl banners carried in not only the Regatta Grand Land Parade, but a number of parades all over the Northwest. I've also done banners and other promotional materials for local non-profit organizations like Jordan's Hope for Recovery, Riverfolk, Crisis Support Network, and other local businesses like the Astoria Riverwalk Inn.

You can see some examples of the work I've done in my Portfolio.

  • Small banners (36"x24") $100.00.
  • Medium banners (60"x24") $175.00.
  • Large Banners (72"x36") $225.00.
  • Custom Size Banners Email for prices.
NOTE: Prices include banner, printing costs, grommets, and single pockets, if applicable.

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Along with a great sign, I also design the perfect lettering for your front door or window. Your logo, phone number, hours of operation and/or any tag line you'd like to display can be tastefully and professionally done in vinyl lettering. Redhare can also brand your work truck, car, traler, or anything else you would like to display your logo, phone, and website address on. We can also design entire auto wraps.

You can see some examples of the work I've done in my Portfolio.

  • Vinyl Lettering Email for prices.

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If you have a business on a busy street or are surrounded by a lot of other storefronts, it can be hard to stand out, especially to traffic whizzing by. An "A" board, or sandwich board, can offer some much needed visability. And having one that is professionally designed with your own particular branding can make all the difference. The two other considerations are: how will it hold up in windy, rainy weather, and how heavy is it to drag out to the sidewalk in the morning and back inside when you close. Redhare offers a few choices that will address your given needs. But in all cases, you will get a beautifully designed sign that will hold up through years of regular use.

You can see some examples of the work I've done in my Portfolio.

  • Plastic 25"x45" Folding Sign w/ Removable Insert $185.00.
  • Wood 25"x45" Folding Sign $235.00.
  • Wood Frame 24"x42" Chalkboard Sign $210.00.
  • Wood Frame 24"x42" White Markerboard Sign $195.00.

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Here are just a few ideas of print designs I can do for you. Click here for some examples. Call me at at 503.616.6472 today or Email me about any of these or whatever you think I may be able to design for you!

  • Roadside Billboards
  • Parking Signs
  • Political Lawn Signs
  • Outdoor Flags and Pennants
  • Display Tents
  • Branded Table Covers
  • Poster Boards

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