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I have been a compulsive shutterbug since I was a kid. I have always valued history, and love to document those moments in life that I can look back on in a photograph. But it was when I opened the Redhare Gallery that I started getting serious about it. With two great shows a week, I wanted to add value to each of the performers by offering them photos of their shows. Tens of thousands of pictures later, I have developed a knack, especially for event photography. My first published photograph was of a bank building on fire in Astoria, Oregon, that appeared on the front page of the paper in 2008. Since then, my photos can be found on several CD covers, promotional materials, posters and more. Between 2013-2018, I was the official photographer for the Astoria Regatta, the oldest festival west of the Rockies. I was one of the official photographers at the 2010 Folk Alliance western conference and was the house photographer for Portland's Artichoke Music for years. Currently, I am the official photographer for the Astoria Scandinavian Middsummer Festival and the Astoria-Warrenton Crab and Seafood Festival.

If you would like me to shoot your event or promo photos for your professional use, call me at 503.616.6472 or email me to set up an appointment.

  • Shoots start at $150.00.
  • Post-production is $75.00/hr.

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I have been working in Photoshop since the early 90s. (My first use was with version 2.0 on a Mac IIci!) So I have the skills to do very good restoration to the most damaged old photos. Even ones that have yellowed to the point of being nearly monochrome can be brought back to their full-color glory. So if you have as little as a few light spots, or a stain, to a heavily scratched up and bend photo, I can probably help.

I also scan photos for you. I can do as little as simple scanning and hand you the raw, untouched files, or I can color-correct, fix unwanted flaws, and size the photos for print or online purposes. I can even scan and clean up all of your old Kodak slides.

Call me at 503.616.6472 or email me to discuss what it would cost to do yours.

  • Raw Scans $6.25/ea.*
  • Touch up $75.00/hr.

NOTE: Minimum order of 20 or $125.00.

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